FALL 2019


Dear Prospective Recipient:

Thanks for your interest in MKCFs funding. Below is the Criteria for submitting a Funding Request. 

Due Date for submission of funding requests: October 18, 2019

Date we anticipate funding:  We will start funding approved requests in late May.

Payment of approved Funding Requests:

  • Once approved MKCF will meet with you to disburse funds:

  • By directly paying your valid open invoices/s from your suppliers/vendors up to the amount of our donation. This will require that you plan ahead so that you have enough open invoices to cover the amount of funding requested,

  • OR, directly to a 501c3 organization for your benefit.

  • Once approved, we ask you include our name on a banner, program etc. and to also supply a photograph (where applicable) of the recipient (team etc.) showing the requested funded items.

Areas of Focus: Education, Health Care, Arts, Sports and Senior Care. 


Please download and complete the word document with your answers. (a copy of the application is printed below)

CLICK HERE to download application as a Word document.

Please email completed form as a WORD document or as a PDF file to:   info@manelekoele.org

You will receive an email confirmation once we receive your request.


Funding Request Form 

Please answer the following questions, and email a saved copy of this document to info@manelekoele.org. Please send as a WORD Document.  Incomplete answers may delay or prevent you from being funded.

1.    Name of the organization 

2.    Is this organization a 501c3?

a.    If no, are you affiliated with a 501c3?

b.     If yes, who? 

3.    Contact info:           

a.    Name:

b.    Address:

c.     Email:

d.    Additional contact person:

e.    Phone #

f.      EIN (Employment Identification Number)

4.    Description and history of the organization


5.    Current Project:

a.    Name of project

b.    Rationale for project


6.    Total amount of Funding Request:

a.    Date Funds will be needed:

7.     Itemized breakdown of the funding request:  (Please include current budget for   organization and for the proposed project)


8.   Identify who the funding request would benefit, i.e. what age groups, etc.  Include number and demographics of targeted population.


9.   What specific goals are you trying to achieve? How will you evaluate success?


10.    Other sources of funding the group has received or is planning on applying for:


11.      Supply a community reference and their contact information.


12. If you would like to include additional materials such as pictures, website, Facebook page, etc. to support your application, please attach them as separate documents, or include links to them.  These additional materials are welcomed, but not required.